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Company, ideal Partner for Sintering and Powder Metallurgy | R.Biemme - Tech srl

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Rbiemmetech Sintering - about us

Born as an autonomous division of R.Biemme in 2005, to develop and expand the technical and commercial management of the technology of sintering the PM-technology (Powder Metallurgy)
R.Biemme-Tech produce precision mechanical components as the drawing of the customer. Rbiemmetech use many advantages given from the group, such as technical empolys, sales employs, production manufacturing.

Right partner to develop OEM solution

R.Biemme-Tech believe in their philosophy and could be the right partner to develop OEM solution.
With trasversal experiences in many technology, Rbiemmetech find the best solution for the customer in relation to the performances, the quality and the price, helping customer design and engineer to involve in the best use of the sintering technology.
Rbiemmetech begin today a solid partner to experiment, develop and analyze the manufacturing problems of the components focusing the ratio performances / price that the customer need in respect of all the quality standards.

Services and Customer Satisfaction

The main objective of R.Biemme-Tech is the customer satisfaction at 360 °.
Rbiemmetech can offer to their customer:
- Design and Co-Design service
- Total open doors the customer in the economical and process analyze
- Total guarantee of the process and products